While looking for a free space to meet with our friends and celebrate life, we came across this wonderful place. From the first party, the Pan-O-Rama project was established in March 2008. Since then, we have organized twice a year a multi-day family festival under the magic tree.

This place has now evolved from an abandoned ruin to a beautiful and lively meeting place for our global family of lovers of electronic music. We have focused on the ecological use of this place, with the intention of keeping our " carbon footprint" as small as possible. By working with composting toilets, electricity being partly produced by solar energy systems, rain water (if we have it ; - )) is collected and used and our vegetarian kitchen.

The celebrations rely on the fact that everyone gets involved and that we have a good time together. This includes both, the decoration and music as well as the creative Pan-O-Rama-kitchen. Anyone who wished to contribute can also get in touch with us via the contact form on our web site .

The parties are based on a non-profit associative principle, where all surplus revenue produced is reinvested to the further development of this project. We charge a flat fee for each person attending the event , which also includes revitalising meals and non-alcoholic beverages served by our more than friendly kitchen crew.

Further information on future events is consultable by clicking the "Next Event" button. So all that said, we hope to see you all soon beneath our Magic tree Dance-floor !!